Genesis and purpose of this database

The current state of antibiotic discovery and development is insufficient to respond to the need for new treatments for drug-resistant bacterial infections. The process of antibacterial discovery, research and development has changed over the last decade with most of the new agents in phases 1-3, or recently approved, having been discovered in academia or small/medium enterprises. These have then been licensed or sold to large companies for development with the end goal of taking them to market.
However, early drug discovery and development, including the possibility of developing previously discontinued agents would benefit from a database of antibacterial compounds, to be scrutinised by the developer. This website is the first free, open-access database of antibacterial compounds, including discontinued agents, drugs under pre-clinical development and those in clinical trials. This database includes over 1000 compounds which have are in one of the following categories: This intends to serve as reference or as starting points for future research and re-development.

Using the database

The database is used simply by typing queries into the search bar and clicking search. More detail can be found on each entry simply by clicking on the entry. Queries can be further refined by using the filters (made visible by clicking the show filters button at the top of the table). The order of results can also be selected from within the filters panel.

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